Cindy DeWolfe – California

On behalf of the DeWolfe Family,
we regret to inform you that
Peter & Cindy DeWolfe have passed away
in late July 2018.

The DeWolfe Family appreciates your
support of their Mother and her love of the breed.

Mr. Mark Schidler of Calirags is fostering Mom’s babies
and is helping in finding them new Furrever Homes.
Please contact Mark for more information:


“Two Comrades” since 2007 working to bring you, healthy, sweet and loving kittens, a small cattery, striving to breed our Siberians to standard and our goal is to produce good health, and good temperament in our kittens.

My name is Cindy DeWolfe and I live in Southern California.

Is TICA Registered and we only offer pet kittens, at this time.

We are mentored by our good friend, Angela Turner of Purrshka Siberians.

And we want to take this time to
Angela for helping us to learn more about the Siberians we have come to love so much

We have Ragdoll Kittens too!

My friend Jane and Me